December 9, 2021

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Linkin Park’s ‘Meteora’ vaults back to #61 on the Billboard Top 200

Linkin Park are one of a handful of rock/metal bands who still sell tens of thousands of copies of their albums each week. They’re also one of the highest-selling groups of all time, with Hybrid Theory alone being a rare Diamond certified record. Their 2003 album Meteora is generally considered their second most successful release, and now it’s experiencing a resurgence as well.

Thanks to a vinyl reissue for Record Store Day 2021, the album has landed back on the Billboard Top 200 in a big way, at #61. Let’s just say underestimating vinyl as a method of music consumption is unwise. Multiple other notable records made it back in as well, including records from My Chemical Romance and The Shins (seriously!). Wild.

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