December 2, 2023

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Lindsey Stirling releases her stunning new music video for “Guardian”

The iconic violinist that fuses dubstep with her violin work has unveiled her latest music video! Lindsey stirling, once a contender on America’s Got Talent has found herself as one of the 21st century’s most unique artists. Lindsey does an unbelievable job at combining modern music styling with the classic styling that strike the violins origins. Earlier this year, Lindsey was invited by NASA to perform her song Artemis at the Kennedy Space Center. Lindsey Stirling is referred to as one of the greatest violinist of all time. Though her music is passionate it alone, the beautifully choreographed presentation throughout every single one of her videos takes the music to a whole new level. Lindsey continues this tradition with the release of her newest music video for “Guardian”. Guardian is taken from Lindsey’s 2019 album Artemis. Her 2019 album continue to cement her as one of the best violinist. Lindsey shows an ability to adapt of electronic and dubstep elements with the times, and fairly quickly as well. As you go through her discography you can notice she stays on top with the styling of the genre at the time. We are looking forward to seeing and hearing more from Lindsey Stirling.


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