December 9, 2021

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Limp Bizkit are marketing geniuses – their song sales have apparently doubled since their Lollapalooza performance

Last weekend, all anyone in the music scene seemed to be talking about was Limp Bizkit. The nu-metal legends brought their “Dad Vibes” to Lollapalooza last weekend, and the band’s live performance, Fred Durst’s new hairstyle, and a new track were all things that had fans – and even those who previously may have disliked the band – talking.

Unsurprisingly, this seems to have had an effect on their streaming and album sales as a whole. According to a new Billboard article, the band’s streams are up 27% since last weekend, and song sales have apparently doubled – albeit on a smaller scale. That’s no small thing, however, for a band that hasn’t put out a record in a decade. In fact, their last big record was in 2000 with Chocolate Starfish, one of a handful of records in history to sell one million copies in its first week. Released at the height of nu-metal’s commercial popularity, the album (which was released the week before Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory) established nu-metal’s permanent place in pop culture’s consciousness.

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