February 26, 2024

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Lights brings her “Baby I’m Back” tour to a packed Chicago House Of Blues (Show Review)

For the first time since COVID, Lights has returned to Chicago and all is normal again, at least to a degree. Bringing her “Baby I’m Back” tour to the House Of Blues, a packed house was given a night of her brand of electronic synth infused pop music.

Kicking off with “Prodigal Daughter” from 2022s “PEP” album, Lights blasted through a 20 song set that while featuring heavy from her newest album was filled with crowd favorites spanning her entire discography. Be it on guitar, keys, or just singing she really is the total package commanding the stage at all times. Clearly happy to be back and with a crowd that was singing every word loudly.

I feel like Lights currently is at her top peak and I’m hoping her popularity will continue to sky rocket even more so. Going through her set from dance hit to sing along anthem to pop singles that should be top radio play, this is top form Lights we are getting to experience. If you want to experience a fun pop show with a fantastic environment then look no further than Lights.

Kicking off the evening though was Tillie, a one woman band with a similar pop music styling. Dancing around she made quick fans of the crowd who took to her infectious music and loveable personality between songs.

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