September 23, 2021

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Let’s Talk Wrestling : IWA Mid South “Double Death Tag Team Tournament 2021” (Review)

Connorsville, Indiana
Vincent Nothing vs. Pompano Joe – Okay opener, both men did fine but was just uneventful and more of a rookie style match. 2 / 5

44OH! (Bobby Beverly & Rickey Shane Page) vs. The Underdogs (Jack Griffin & Kevin Giza) – First half of the match was extremely bad honestly. Jack Griffin looked extremely green in ring next to everyone. He would constantly miss or botch moves. The second half moved along better but just never really connected right even more so being the first round of a death match tournament and being barely a hardcore match. The upset win too was shocking. 2 / 5
The Hallowed (Lord Crewe & Otis Cogar) vs. 44OH! (Atticus Cogar & Eric Ryan) – Eric Ryan hitting Otis twice in the head leaving his head covered in thumb tacks was brutal looking. Eric then taking a row of tacks to the back himself looked great too. Atticus and Ryan move so smoothly as a team. A solid match between both teams with some good violence but also some sloppy moments. 3 / 5
Herzog & Neil Diamond Cutter vs. The Young Dragons (Dale Patricks & Josh Crane) – Decent bloody bout. NDC as always is such a death match joy. Taking gussets to the head and being thrown into a pool of rubbing alcohol were good spots. It was a decent match but something just didn’t click right. 2.5 / 5
John Wayne Murdoch & Satu Jinn vs. Bloody Brothers 2.0 (JC Bloody & Lane Bloody) – Glass spots happening in a hard way which ends with some guy having to run out with an injury. Ian Rotten, in a medical mask, runs out and jumps in but also seems to be very clumsy on his feet nearly tripping over a few times. JWM bleeds a ton and both him and Satu take some harsh chair shots then end up bending the chair. JC Rotten from his injury is just pouring blood from the side of his head. Decent match that fell apart in spots due to an injury and at times felt like everyone had lost track of what was happening next. 3 / 5
John Wayne Murdoch & Satu Jinn vs. The Underdogs (Jack Griffin & Kevin Giza) – Gizas head covered in thumb tacks after a hard hit with a tack bat. Running missile drop kick on the concrete from Giza to JWM was a great move. The second half of the match really shined between JWM and Giza. Before that though there were solid spots done by everyone though and the match moved at a good pace. 3.5 / 5
The Young Dragons (Dale Patricks & Josh Crane) vs. 44OH! (Atticus Cogar & Eric Ryan) – Decent match between the two. Some solid actual wrestling between the 4 of them. Just honestly pretty uneventful here and on the shorter side. 1.5 / 5
John Wayne Murdoch & Satu Jinn vs. 44OH! (Atticus Cogar & Eric Ryan) – Match opens with insane number of light tubes being used. JWM is smashing tube after tube over Eric Ryan and Ryans head is just all bloodied up. All 4 men are bloody messes after going through what has to be 100+ tubes on each other. Satu taking a dropkick off the ring through a barbed wire and tube covered table onto the hard floor looked brutal. The ring is just completely covered in glass from broken tubes. Eric Ryan got caught in barbed wire after being tossed in a pit of wire and glass. Really great match and all 4 took a crazy amount of punishment. 4 / 5
IWA MS needs to invest in some better production. Between the constant sound issues and the free camera constantly not catching the action when it was outside the ring led to sometimes a rough watch in parts.
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