September 23, 2021

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Let’s Talk Wrestling : ICW No Holds Barred Vol. 15 (Review)


No Holds Barred Vol. 15

July 9th, 2021

Indianpolis, Indiana 

Daniel Garcia vs. Matt Makowski 
Really solid opening match. Much more on the hard hitting style of match vs hardcore. The door spot not breaking looked brutal too. 3 / 5
Vincent Nothing vs. Brett Ison
Another hard hitting match. It had its moments between the two with both taking some great hits. However it just never really clicked for me. 2.5 / 5
Calvin Tankman vs. Justin Kyle
Tankman taking long thrown chair shots was dumb but looked so good too. This was a big battle of the brutes with both men just going as hard and heavy at the other as possible. Both men going off the top through a door to end it sounded like a bomb went off in the ring. 3 / 5
SHLAK vs. Kevin Giza
Shlak delivering some stiff chair shots to Giza and throwing him around outside the ring to start the match. Shlak not being able to punch through the bundle of tubes before smashing Giza and plowing him through a door with tubes was great. It was a shorter match but not up to the usual chaotic violence of a Shlak match. 3 / 5
Dale Patricks vs. Tommy Vendetta
Dale still wrestling and limping with a broken toe is hardcore. A stiff chair shot from Dale on the outside on the ring before dropping him on some chairs looked hard. So many stiff chair and weapon head shots happening. Swanton off the top to the outside from Dale was great, even more impressive when you can tell how much it hurts from him to walk or climb. Tiger bomb onto the cut cans followed by a massive choke slam was a great finisher. This was a brutal match between both men giving it their all in a great violent match. 4 / 5
Neil Diamond Cutter vs. Brandon Kirk (w/Kasey Kirk)
Quick bloody start with Kirk taking tubes and gussets. NDC going onto the board of forks looks harsh. Also the fact that NDC can flip off the chains is nothing short of impressive. NDC putting Kirk and Casey through glass and a guardrail only for the glass to not break looked a little rough. Hitting the glass over Kirk to finish it though was great. A really fun match. 3.5 / 5
Tank vs. Satu Jinn
Satu cutting Tank with that giant blade to start the match looks great. Satu gets thrown over chairs in the crowd and almost slides across the top of the chairs before falling over. They take the fight into the bleachers but also take several slower moments sitting down that slow the match down drastically.  Tank putting a pane of glass on Satus back then hitting it several times with a chair only for it to not break was nuts. Good battle of the brutes between these two. 3 / 5
44OH! (Atticus Cogar, Bobby Beverly & Eric Ryan) vs. The Rejects (Akira, John Wayne Murdoch & Reed Bentley)
Match starts out chaotic. Eric Ryan being thrown into panes of glass that don’t break when he hits them but only break because they fall to the flood and hit the chains. Reed drops Bev right on his head and it looked hard. Atticus smashes JWM through a chair and you could tell JWM hurt some from that one. JWM and Atticus take a scary fall off the top board on the chains and Atticus hits glass wrong and JWM falls badly on his knee. Deep south destroyer from the top was amazing. Really fun match, super chaotic yet also slowed its pace several times. 4 / 5
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