Let’s Talk Wrestling : GCW Tournament Of Survival 666 (Review)



The Showboat in Atlantic City, New Jersey


Kicking off the deathmatch summer schedule for indy wrestling was GCWs annual deathmatch tournament. With both rising stars and veterans of the deathmatch scene in here it proved to be anyones game.



Fuckery Boards Deathmatch: G-Raver vs Effy


What a great opener to the card. While G-Raver is always loved by fans Effy had the crowd cheering for his every step in this one. Effy turned on full deathmatch mode to be in TOS this year going through some harsh spots and bleeding great showing just how versatile he can be in ring.


Bunkhouse Deathmatch: Atticus Cogar def 1 Called Manders


For being quite the most out of place entry for TOS, Manders did show that he can bleed great here. Besides Cogar taking some nasty spots here, including one incredibly painful one which ended with barbed wire getting stuck on his face, the match just never really clicked well. It flowed together fine enough but something was just off. I also personally didn’t care for the bundles of hay in the ring either, they could of chose another gimmick.


Towers of Terror Deathmatch: Nolan Edward vs Orin Veidt


I had a lot of hope going into this match. Nolan is quickly rising up as someone known for putting on great deathmatches and Orin is still in my opinion that most slept on guy in deathmatch. Something here just doesn’t click right. Both men took some great damage including spooky dust completely filling the air due to going through the towers of terror. Maybe it was just the match feeling super quick and ending rather abruptly. I hope both men come back to GCW again soon.


Bundles of Hate Deathmatch:  Alex Colon vs Bam Sullivan


Possibly the most hyped first round match. Colon being back to back winners of previous TOS and Bam being new and hot on the scene along with some twitter drama had the excitement for this match going. Sadly, but also clear as day why, the fans were pro Colon from the start. Bam deserved more love than he got though, I will say commentary completely buried Bam in a near unprofessional manner though. The match itself was really good. Bam took some massive damage but also showed off greatly as one to keep an eye on in the future. I hope we see more of Bam in GCW and more his feud with Colon.



Scramble Match: Ninja Mack vs Jack Cartwheel vs Calvin Tankman vs Starboy Charlie vs Dante Leon vs Dyln McKay


GCW scrambles are always a good but extremely chaotic time and this was no different. As usual the match itself was often points sloppy due to the number of spots and nonstop chaos occuring but this did show off everyone quite well. Tankman proved he could end up being a great agile big man while Mack continues to get his GCW push. I’d like to see more of what Mack can do though outside of insane flips that often times look like they do little to no damage though.


Semi Finals : Atticus Cogar vs G-Raver


This was a good but ultimately forgettable bout. Both men put on a good solid match that ultimately fell short due to a cheap ending. The ending itself wasn’t bad as it continued a long story but for a tournament like this it just feels like it could of waited.


Semi Finals : Alex Colon vs Nolan Edward


A fantastic pairing and showed off Nolan great. This went on as a true tale of an up and comer giving it his all for the spot against the reigning champ who would die before he gave up.


AJ Gray vs Kit Osborne


This was a quick match after Kit walked out with an open challenge. It was nothing special at all and Gray still doesn’t do much for me.


Alex Colon vs Atticus Cogar


A match with two men with everything on the line. This is one that will be talked about as one of the best deathmatch matches of the year if not more. With tubes on the ropes, the ring mat taken away, and the ring surrounded by different contraptions this was a deathmatch fans wet dream. Both these men put their hearts and bodies on the line here with Colon especially bleeding just an insane amount. Between the incredible spots and the amazing in ring story telling here this was truly a perfect finals match.



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