February 27, 2024

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Let’s Talk Wrestling – GCW “Backyard Wrestling 3” (Review)

Backyard Wrestling 3

Young Dumb N Broke (Charlie Tiger, Ellis Taylor & Jordan Oliver) (w/Griffin McCoy) vs. Big Vin Squad (Big Vin, Jay Malachi & Mike Swanson) – Fun opener. It was a fun, chaotic, yet manageable 3 on 3 with all sides getting time to show off some fun spots throughout the chaos. 3 / 5
Colby Corino vs. Mayday Jack – Another solid match. They made sure to use the ring, pool, and backyard to their advantage. Just okay though with nothing too special going on. 2.5 / 5
Natas (c) vs. Rickey Crash – This match was just awful. Dragged on for way too long especially with the biting angle. RSPs leg trap DDT was good though. .5 / 5
Diablo vs. Aerial Crow (Dyln McKay) – Some solid spots here mainly due to Mercer being able to grab and toss him around so easily. A lot of good spots here but the match mainly felt like it was just moving spot to spot. 3 / 5
Paco Loco vs. KC Kwik – Dickinson is such a strong force that he just makes some big moves look so easy. For being a buried alive match with a grave dug out, while being cool that the hole was covered in tubes, having the match end with only one clump of dirt being thrown on the guy is just lame. As lame as the hard cam showing him get up and walk away from it afterwards too. 2 / 5
World Famous CB vs. Nasty Leroy – Just a sloppy forgettable match. Leroy for sure needs more training. Almost a waste for someone as big as CB to do when he could of had a good fun match with others. 1 / 5
Fourth Of July Blunt Guy (Steve Sanders), Ayden Alexander, C-Spot & Nolan Edward vs. The Chad (Tye Hyll), Claude Marrow Jr., Tony Deppen & Vampyro – When actual wrestling was going on the match was quite good. Throw in a few questionable spots that were a bit sloppy as well as some dumb ones though and it knocked the match down some. It also towards the final quarter of it began to drag a little too much. 2 / 5
Otis White vs. Dexter White – Otis getting skewed then knocked with a chair gave him a great crimson mask. This was actually a pretty solid match with some great spots between the brothers. It was a bit on the shorter side but given this PPV would rather end it before it has a chance to get bad. 3 / 5
Pizza Cat Jr. vs. Darc Angel (Marcus Mathers) – Match feels incredibly slow and sluggish at the beginning. Pizza Cat was hitting some super sluggish looking kicks on the outside of the ring. The swing set spot not only missed the first but just looked so dumb. I just wish some of their hits would connect the right way. Another slow paced bout that just moved from bad spot to bad spot. 1.5 / 5
Emanon vs. JJ Escobar – The match starts with Jimmy / Escobar / El Shlako shooting roman candles at one another. Escobar takes a weed whacker to the back and head. Jimmy gets his crotch lit on fire then before taking a weed whacker shot also. Decent final bump but no wrestling of any sort happened here, just spot after spot. 1.5 / 5
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