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Let’s Talk Wrestling : FMW-E / H20 “Destiny” (Review)

FMW-E & H20


Trenton, New Jersey

Oct. 31, 2o21



Four Way Match
Adonis Valerio vs. Deklan Grant (w/Jess Moss) vs. GG Everson vs. Ryan Redfield
Very mediocre first match. While nothing wrong this was a warm up match at best with some very newer in ring guys, while fine it was completely uneventful.
 2 / 5
H2O Tag Team Title Lucha Rules Four Way Match
Chris Bradley & Kristian Ross (c) vs. Bobby Dempsey & Myke Quest vs. Jeff Cannonball & Terra Calaway vs. White Trash Forever (Bruce Grey & Tyler Voxx)
Another mediocre bout here. Had some comedy spots mixed in that made the match feel like a break match early on. Mostly everyone did fine but some of the moves just looked beyond slow and planned out to an obvious point.
1.5 / 5
H2O Hybrid Title Five Way Match
Kennedi Copeland (c) vs. Mickie Knuckles vs. Jenny Rose vs. Kasey Catal vs. Masha Slamovich
Solid women’s brawl here. Some good spots and hard hitting moments but nothing too special or spectacular.
 2.5 / 5
Hardcore Rumble Match
Ruckus vs. Crazy Ivan vs. Lowlife Louie vs. Robby Illuminati vs. Drew Blood vs. Kaide Lothbrok vs. Neil Diamond Cutter vs. Brandon Kirk vs. Casanova Valentine vs. Conor Claxton vs. Frankie Pickard vs. Bam Sullivan vs. Dan O’Hare vs. Mouse vs. Larry Legend vs. Sean Henderson vs. Marc Angel vs. Alex Stretch vs. Chainsaw Tony
What a cluster of a rumble match. Botches galore and tons of nonsense. Good roster of guys but as a match itself was just a thing to see in not the best way.
2 / 5
Survival 12 Man Tag Team Match
44OH! (Atticus Cogar, Bobby Beverly, Eddy Only, Eric Ryan, Gregory Iron & Rickey Shane Page) vs. Team H2O (Chuck Payne, Devon Moore, Jimmy Lyon, Lucky 13, Ron Mathis & SHLAK)
A fun chaotic team bout here. 44OH should of won as the misfit rag tag team got dominated most the match. Some really bad spots and misses here though brought it down a notch though.
3 / 5
Tag Team Match
G-Raver & Jimmy Lloyd vs. Austin Luke & Marcus Mathers
A decent but very sloppy match. It overly stayed its welcome about half way through. Raver and Jimmy tried their best but looked like the biggest veterans trying to carry this match.
2.5 / 5
Exploding Barbed Wire Match
Atsushi Onita vs. Matt Tremont
This is a match that’ll go down in history. Onita, the legend himself, bringing back Tremont out of retirement (that we knew wouldn’t last) for a legit FMW style exploding barbed wire match on US soil. Tremont took almost all the damage this match with Onita leading the fight. Between tubes, barbed wire baseball bats, explosions, exploding tubes, and being lit on fire, Tremont will go down for the amount of carnage he was put through. While this match won’t win awards for being technical, it’ll go down as just being an amazingly fun spectacle to watch.
4.5 / 5
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