April 24, 2024

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Let’s Talk Wrestling : AEW Rampage – Episode 8 (10.01.2021)



Rochester, NY

Oct. 1st, 2021 (Air Date)



Bryan Danielson vs. Nick Jackson (w/Brandon Cutler & Matt Jackson)
A fantastic match between these two. Showed off Danielsons ability to not only do submissions and pull them off flawlessly but to also adapt into various other styles when facing someone like Nick Jackson. Some parts felt a little off pace wise but outside of that this was a great match between these two and I can’t wait to see more down the line.
4 / 5
Thunder Rosa vs. Nyla Rose (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. Jade Cargill (w/Mark Sterling)
This was a quicker 3 way no DQ. They did use some weapons though every weapon spot including a table spot looked bad. The issue here is that the botches look worse because its like every move had a pause set up, making it look even more planned, and more noticeable when the hit didn’t connect.
2 / 5
Hair Vs. Hair Match
Jack Evans (w/Matt Hardy) vs. Orange Cassidy
A mediocre match. Evans controlled most of the match until Orange came back. Orange is a successful singles guy while Evan is a tag guy who loses a lot so it wouldn’t of made any sense for Orange to lose. Nothing was particularly wrong here but it just wasn’t anything special.
2.5 / 5
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