Let’s Talk Wrestling : AEW Dynamite Episode 101 – 09.08.2021 (Review)



Episode 101

Cincinatti, Ohio

Sept. 8th, 2021



Dustin Rhodes vs. Malakai Black
A solid match here. Went a bit long but Dustin helped hold it together selling some of Blacks moves and getting a comeback in moments. Black continues his undefeated AEW run right now making his way through people close to Cody Rhodes. 3 / 5
CM Punk Promo – Punk cut a good promo. His love for the business is so clearly back. Him thanking Aunt Linda (Brian Pillman Jrs aunt) deserves all the love and respect in the world, as the arena cheered her on. Putting Punk against the heel stable of Team Taz is a good move, a lot of those guys can gain a lot from feuding against Punk.
Powerhouse Hobbs (w/Hook) vs. Dante Martin
Dante running into Hobbs was the same sound hitting a brick wall makes, no way that one didn’t hurt some. Dante leaping over Hook to get to the Hobbs on the outside was a great move. Hobbs got to show off his power more here but Dante really came off looking great. He has some great high flying moves and is super agile in ring, I can’t wait to see him hopefully do some great matches against some of the more agile or lucha guys in AEW. 3 / 5
MJF Promo – MJF is the best heel and best guy to cut a promo in the entire industry. Dude just knows how to boil the skin of a crowd. Him talking about the town then going super deep at Pillman Jr was fantastic.
Ruby Soho vs. Jamie Hayter (w/Dr. Britt Baker DMD & Rebel)
Just an okay match, its good that AEW is making Ruby look strong as a face while Baker and company do all to go after her. Hayter seems to be Bakers team new one to take a loss, which is fine since shes at least better in the ring than Rebel. Soho does have a nice finishing kick though. 2 / 5
The Dark Order (Evil Uno, John Silver & Stu Grayson) (w/Colt Cabana, Five & Ten) vs. The Pinnacle (Cash Wheeler, Dax Harwood & Shawn Spears) (w/Tully Blanchard & Wardlow)
A really quick tag match here. Silver got to show off which was great but the entire focus of the match is the Dark Order angle where there is internal trouble. They couldn’t work together so they lost, then post match got into a rumble. This could be leading to either a Dark Order split or a new leader to take control of the group. 2 / 5
Minoru Suzuki vs. Jon Moxley
A really fun hard hitting NJPW style match. Could of used more time and the commercial break at the beginning really hurt the opening flow of the match. Seeing Suzuki in an AEW ring for a main event is awesome. He also bled a crazy amount on his face during the match. Hopefully we see Suzuki back in AEW sooner than later. 3.5 / 5

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