September 24, 2023

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Let’s Talk Movies: The Unholy (2021) Review

The Unholy carries a decent enough premise, has some interesting set moments, yet can never bring itself to be interesting in the slightest bit even with a great leading man at the helm.

When Alice, a deaf girl, in a small town supposedly sees the Virgin Mary gains the ability to hear, talk, and heal others the town becomes a hot bed for religion. Soon though after events start to begin those closest to her soon start to wonder if its actually Mary that helped her or a dark spirit with bad intentions.

For some reason after a decent enough open the movie just completely kills any chance for a decent pace. It stops dead in its tracks until the climax begins. It doesn’t help for the entire middle of the film that none of the characters here are even remotely likable.

Jefferey Dean Morgan feels so out of place here given he usually has more of a tough guy look and persona to him. The rest of the backing cast becomes instantly forgettable during it as well.

This is all so unfortunate because the movie does seem to try. They roll out the demon creature slowly giving us only brief views as well as a decent enough backstory. Plus during the climax scene some of the visuals are actually quite well done.

In the end though The Unholy will just fall into the section of religious type horror movies that will be as quickly forgotten as the time it had to shine.

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