November 30, 2023

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Let’s Talk Movies : Bad Candy (2021) Review

Bad Candy follows one of horrors favorite things to do which is a good ol fashioned anthology movie. Shockingly though Bad Candy never heard of the lesson, less is more, as they jam back as much possible into what is way too long of a movie here.



With most anthology movies there is at least somewhat of a coherant story binding the tales together. Here however it does’t exactly work that way. We have two radio DJ’s in the form of Slipknots Corey Taylor and Zach Galligan (Gremlins) and Taylor is telling the stories over the air. The issue is though that for most the run time we aren’t fully aware of whats going on other than him telling these tales that never blend together. If anything most abruptly end and lack any sort of depth to them.


We feature tales of necrophilia, a boy who smashes pumpkins and is then murdered, someone putting razors in cupcakes, a girl with a magic cupcake, a ghost house story, and more. None of these stories at any time really blend together and some just abruptly end with a cut back to the radio station. Others just end with scenes that in no way relate to the story.


You’d think since they have a clown who seemingly passes story to story they’d make him a center point or at least explain why he is there to a degree but nope. Eventually even he is just forgotten about. There’s just so much here that I feel they either had a hard time turning down stories to add or thought an over abundance of them would hide the fact that none really make sense. I mean army vets who kidnap people they deem bad to feed to their friend whose a demon but they also make it into a game. It’s almost like someone of these stories if fleshed out more would actually be cool but here they are just rushed and given too many moments that don’t add anything.


The special effects here are hit or more. Occasionally a somewhat decent practical effect will happen but sooner than later you’ll forget about that as the horrendous CGI effects take center stage. Even with the charisma of having Taylor and Galligan on screen together is neither one knock it out of the park and most the stories feature less than stellar performances to boast.


Bad Candy could have been fun. With a larger budget and more tweaking it had potential. Instead we got a jammed packed anthology of poor quality.


Score : 1.5 / 5

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