February 26, 2024

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Interview: Less Than None on the NY scene, returning to the stage

Finding fresh bands on the scene is a rush – you never know when you’ll discover your new obsession. There’s hidden gems waiting to be found – and I believe Less Than None to be one of them. Angst-tinged metalcore with a sound reminiscent of the staples of the 2000’s, there’s a wide audience that deserves exposure to this young group. We’re excited to speak with them on the state of affairs in 2022:

New Fury Media: You’ve got 2 singles already in 2022 with “Aware” and “A Beautiful Nightmare”. What’s next for Less Than None?

Less Than None: We’ve got a bunch more music coming down the line! We have scheduled releases for another two singles out in April/May respectively leading up to the release of our final single/full EP in June.  We took a different approach to writing these songs so each one sounds very different from the next so we’re excited to share our new music. We did a ton of writing during the lockdown but we’re ready to play a ton of shows and expand outside our usual venues in the city.

New Fury Media: Who are some of your favorites in the New York scene right now?

Less Than None: There’s so much great talent in the New York Metal scene! Every time we play a show we end up playing with wicked talented people that we fall in love with. Right now some of our favorites that we’ve had the pleasure of playing alongside us are “Valence”, “We Are Not Our Bodies”, “Grace The Enemy” and “Astral Cadence”. They’re all worth checking out!

New Fury Media: You missed out on shows for more than 2 years – how anxious were you to get back on stage?

Less Than None: We were all super excited to get back on stage!  We’ve all been playing shows in some capacity for years so when the shutdown happened, we had no idea when live entertainment would come back. There was a sense of impending doom. But things are looking up and getting back on stage was absolutely euphoric. When we came back and played at Kingsland alongside “Monochromatic Black” , we felt so much positive energy. You can tell there was just an air of hope and relief from the crowd as well as us. We’re all just super grateful to be able to play live again.

New Fury Media: Tell us about shooting your music video for “Antiseptic”!

Less Than None: Carlos, our lead singer, was the visionary for the storyline. Along with music, he has an affinity for filmmaking. The concept was adapted from a short horror script he had about a demon haunting an artist. The demon represents the artist’s shadow self and darkness they try to avoid. It’s only when the artist confronts their fears and embraces their darkness with love that they overcome their hardships. The themes of the story overlap with  “Antiseptic” , a song about healing from previous traumas. Carlos worked closely with visionary videographer Tom Flynn who has worked with great bands such as  Lamb of God, All That Remains, and Angel Vivaldi . He really had an incredible part in making the ‘Antiseptic’ music video come to life.

New Fury Media: I hear a lot of BFMV and AILD inspiration in your newest tracks – what have you been listening to while writing for upcoming tunes?

Less Than None: All of us individually have an eclectic pallet of music tastes. We’re no stranger to any genre. But I would say for our upcoming music, We listen and take inspiration from bands like “The Amity Affliction” , “A Day to Remember” , and  “August Burns Red”

Thanks for the talk, Less Than None! Check out their newest single here:


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