Legendary Art-Rocker Kim Gordon Brings ‘The Collective’ to a Graveyard

By Colette Custin


In what will surely be one of the coolest shows of the summer, art-rocker Kim Gordon (formerly of Sonic Youth) brought her solo tour in support of The Collective, her second solo album, to… the Bohemian National Cemetery, of all places.

Cast against an atmospheric colored backdrop behind a massive mausoleum, vocalist/guitarist Gordon and her band (Madi Vogt on drums, Sarah Register on guitar and keys, and Camilla Charlesworth on bass and keys) played The Collective in its entirety, and the eerie, industrial quality to many of the tunes fit in perfectly with a rainy June night that felt more like October.

The songs had more of a rock edge in a live setting, including single “Psychedelic Orgasm” and opener “BYE BYE,” though Gordon’s style doesn’t follow any conventions of rock music or even popular music in general; her experimental style is entirely her own, both an extension of her work with Sonic Youth and something ultra-contemporary, with songs that bordered on spoken word like “Tree House” and songs that had a strong hip-hop vibe like “I’m a Man.”

A woman of few words, Gordon smiled at one point in response to a fan’s shrieking adoration. “Thank you for your love,” she said, then returned the love with one of the most original sets and shows in recent memory.

Kim Gordon – Bohemian National Cemetery, Chicago, IL, June 8th (setlist)

The Candy House
I Don’t Miss My Mind I’m A Man
It’s Dark Inside Psychedelic Orgasm Tree House
Shelf Warmer
The Believers
Dream Dollar
Air BnB
Paprika Pony
Cookie Butter 
 Hungry Baby
Grass Jeans

Photo Gallery : Kim Gordon – Bohemian National Cemetery (06.08.2024)

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