October 20, 2021

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Launch delivers a beautifully immersive debut EP with “FOMO” (Review)

While some of the rock scene has been moving towards a harder sound, there are a few that seem to be doing the exact opposite. One that comes to mind is a young four-piece band from Charlotte, North Carolina. Launch seems to want to create something special within the pop-rock genre and it seems like they have nailed it with this nostalgic number, FOMO.

From the beginning we are hit with wistful dream-like guitar string patterns taking us through this musical excursion that makes us feel like we have heard this style before, but it’s only the first visit. Its effortless and clean transitions using its glowing guitar work, subdued drums, and light, airy vocals keep the track from existing as one genre or there other. Perfectly balanced (as all things should be), “Yellow Lights” exists in its own little world that it seeks to establish Launch’s identity early on. “Yellow Lights” does a great job of settling us into this space they have created and it sets the precedence for whats to come for the next few tracks.

“Green Water” really is the standout moment of this mini EP as it practically outclasses the other two tracks by a wide margin. By now the band has shown a mastery of transferring us to the world they want out ears to sit in for a bit with its catchy lyricism, great vocal fluctuations, and catchy guitar. These traits give this track immersive beauty that it makes one almost want to stay wrapped in this feeling long after the track is finished.

Though this EP only offers a small glimpse into what a full release would sound like by this amazing discovery of a band, it does do what it intends by making the listener crave more of what FOMO is giving us.  If listeners are interested in a pop-rock EP that delivers fantastic lyrical quality that integrates starry-eyed guitars to engulf you in its instrumental glory, check out FOMO.

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