October 3, 2022

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KARD takes over Atlanta and prove they’re here to stay (Show Review)

It was more than a comeback, it was an immersive experience into the world of KARD this past Sunday in Atlanta. Fresh off of their latest mini album “Re:”, they performed an array of old hits and new singles that kept fans engaged throughout their set. From the moment you walked into the venue the energy was electric, fans lined up around the venue waiting to get in, in outfits that paid homage to the group and whispers of excitement filled the air. Some fans beelined for the merchandise booth as soon as they made their way inside, others found their seats as they waited about an hour or so for the show to begin.

When it was time for the four members (J.Seph, BM, Somin, and Jiwoo) to take the stage the fans were ready to enter the world of KARD. All eyes were on them as they opened with Oh NaNa, a strong start to the night. One defining characteristic of KARD is the palpable chemistry they have, from the choreography to the the seemingly effortless transitions from one song to the next. They stand out from the crowd not only because they are one of the few coed k-pop groups, but because their passion is undeniable. Following up with Don’t Recall, Hola Hola, and later on fan favorites like Bomb Bomb and Dumb Litty. But one of the most memorable parts of their set were the solo performances, that gave each member their own chance to shine.

BM was the first of the members to take the stage for the solo performances. He captivated the audience with singles Strangers and Bad Intentions. The backdrop a vibrant city, that was fitting for the lyrics of the song that depicted a memorable night with a stranger. The next solo stage was just as memorable, Jiwoo’s cover of My Medicine by The Pretty Reckless showcased her vocals in a new light. The rock instrumental accompanying her voice in a way that didn’t overpower it, but instead allowed her to make the song her own. Her vocals taking on a raspier edge and powering her emotion into song through the last verse as she kept the audience engaged until the end. Somin and J.Seph were the last of the solo performances of the night, covering Camila Cabello’s upbeat Bam Bam.

The duo brought a playful energy into their performance, and embodied the mood of the song perfectly. The night of course didn’t stop there with more singles like Gunshot, and recent release Ring the Alarm. The fans didn’t waver throughout the show, and kept the unmatched energy high throughout the night. KARD showing their appreciation to the fans during their speeches, it was obvious that the love the fans had for them was returned by the group. So it was fitting that for the final song, they played their hit Dumb Litty, one last time and every fan was off of their feet shouting the lyrics back at them. It was a wonderful performance that immersed us into their world, leaving us eagerly anticipating what KARD will do next.

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