November 28, 2021

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Kane Lacey releases first EP, “Started in an Empty House”

Kane Lacey, 2020

YouTuber/streamer Kane Lacey has at long last released his debut EP, Started in an Empty House. I’ve been following this content creator for the better part of the decade, as he’s made waves on the internet in his pursuits with meme pages, YouTube videos, streaming, and now a reinvigorated music outing.

This R&B outing is quite the striking start for Kane, who shows singer-songwriter talent in easygoing, angsty jams encompassing several genres. Tracks like “She” and “Bed” have massive replayability with choruses that are truly infectious.

Lots of creators have some pretty half-baked attempts at music, but Kane’s put heaps of effort into Started in an Empty House, and has the potential to break out thanks to his placement in Spotify playlists and entertaining music videos, like “Running to You” offers. Check out the EP and let us know what you think!

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