Jordan Holmes Breaks Free with New Single “Death Sentence” Off New Sophomore Album ‘The Lies We Tell Ourselves’

“I’ve been a wreck, a tired mess. / Someone pull the curtains in. / Ignore the sun and all my friends / While I work myself to death / For a while, until it clicks / Life is not a death sentence.”

Jordan Holmes, a singer/songwriter from Ashburnham, Massachusetts, has been a prominent figure in the New England music scene since the late 2000s, performing in various pop punk bands. After debuting his solo career with the single “Anime on VHS” in January 2024, Holmes is back with his latest release, “Death Sentence.”

“Death Sentence” is an anthem for anyone feeling trapped in the monotony of a 9-5 job, yearning for a life less ordinary. Drawing inspiration from bands such as Sum 41 and My Chemical Romance, Holmes delivers a track that resonates with fans of the aforementioned artists as well as Green Day and Blink-182. The song’s energetic riffs and poignant lyrics encapsulate the frustration and desire for freedom many listeners can relate to.

Anticipation has been building for Holmes’ sophomore album The Lies We Tell Ourselves, set for release on July 5, 2024. Promising a blend of pop punk, emo, and experimental alternative rock, this album is poised to showcase Holmes’ versatility and depth as a songwriter. With “Death Sentence,” Jordan Holmes continues to solidify his place in the music world, offering a powerful message wrapped in a dynamic and engaging sound. Keep an eye out for The Lies We Tell Ourselves – it’s sure to be a compelling addition to any music lover’s collection.


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