May 20, 2024

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Jenna Ortega thinks songs by Deftones + Nine Inch Nails would be perfect for getting chased by Ghostface

The new movie Scream 6, the sixth (shocking) installment in the popular slasher series, is shaping up to be a commercial and critical success. Considering the first two movies are considered legendary but the other three are less regarded, it could be considered a bit of a surprise. Back in 2000, though, Scream 3 was released. Often considered one of the lowest-ranked movies in the series, the accompanying soundtrack was actually pretty memorable, bringing together several notable nu-metal and post-grunge bands just as those two genres were exploding. Where else would Creed and Slipknot be, really?

Anyway, Scream 6 star Jenna Ortega joined her fellow cast members to discuss a few songs that would be perfect to hear while getting chased by Ghostface. Specifically, two notable bands that proves she has good taste in music.

“It’s kind of a basic one but I also feel like it goes along with this movie, ‘Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away),’ the Deftones song”, said Ortega when approached with the above question. In fact, Ortega also chose another NIN deep cut for this question, with Nine Inch Nails’ “The Way Out Is Through” being another notable one. Ortega likes two of the most prominent bands of this generation? Hell YES.

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