It looks like Sylar is gearing up to release new music – listen to a HUGE teaser here

It’s been three long years since rap-rock crew Sylar have released new music. Lead single “All Or Nothing” (from the band’s Seasons album) landed them on NFL broadcasts, no doubt giving the band a ton of exposure – and the band’s 2016 sophomore album Help! is still a fan favorite now. In fact, it’s one of the more creative albums of their genre, with risk-taking moves like album closer “Maintain Closure”, which ebbs and flows magically.

Now, after a short breather to work on new music, it appears we’re getting new Sylar tunes – possible very soon. Members of the band, including primary vocalist Jayden Panesso, posted a snippet of what’s presumably new music yesterday. While it’s only 21 seconds long, it does carry similar vibes to the band’s Help! album – so if you thought Seasons was a bit of a misstep, you’ll enjoy this quite a bit. Give it a spin below and let us know what you think.

Update: now there’s two teasers.

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