April 22, 2024

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It looks like Bring Me The Horizon just teased a 10 year anniversary tour for their Sandpit Turtle album

In April 2013, Bring Me The Horizon released their album, Sandpit Turtle. Also known as Sempiternal, the record catapulted Bring Me The Horizon into the upper echelons of bands who played an accessible yet heavy style of metalcore, with the Terry Date-produced album launching them into stardom in more than just their home country of England. The record cemented the band as a huge presence in the USA, debuting at #11 on the Billboard 200, something that continues even more to this day.

Led by huge singles like “Can You Feel My Heart” that pulled from pop and electronic influences more prominently than ever before, it’s not surprising it ended up being such a success. It’s also ten years old in 2023, which is of course this year. While Bring Me The Horizon haven’t been the type of band to play full album anniversary shows, it seems possible they would do one for Sempiternal. After all, it’s their most-revered album by the fans (at least it seems that way), it’s an album that brought critical AND commercial success for the band, and they still pull a bunch of songs from the album as live staples. A perfect storm.

According to recent video at a BMTH show, though, it appears likely the band is doing something to celebrate the anniversary of the album. What exactly that is, of course, is up for debate. A full tour? A few anniversary shows? Something else? Only time will tell, but it looks unlikely that BMTH will be ignoring the album’s meaning completely.

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