October 20, 2021

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It appears I See Stars is finally working on a long-awaited new album

Electronic post-hardcore band I See Stars have been mostly inactive since the 2016 release of their album Treehouse, with just an acoustic version of Treehouse being released in 2018. It’s not like the band has been unsuccessful to this point – all 5 of their records have charted on the Billboard Top 200, with two of the last three coming in the top 50 – and I See Stars have mostly outlived their peers.

The evolution of their recent work has no doubt made the appetite of their fans one to salivate over. And while there’s no concrete date on new I See Stars music, it appears we might well be getting a new album from the band before year’s end.

It should be noted that official confirmation has not come from the band anywhere, but Twitter user SamiWCAR has mentioned that, via a community text (Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park uses these too), that the band is apparently “going to NY next week to begin recording”. I See Stars also have not posted on their socials in a couple months, but it does appear the band will be releasing new music this year.

The last two I See Stars records have been really solid pieces of work. 2013’s New Demons turned everything up to 11 – especially their EDM influence – and Treehouse explored the band’s poppier side. Here’s hoping that 6th full-length fulfills all the promise of the band’s last few records.

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