December 2, 2023

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Review: Iron – “Abyss is Blind”


When it comes to fringe music, few styles, genres, or scenes draw as much attention (or criticism) as Noise. Based on the title of the genre itself, it’s often debated as to whether it can even be considered music at all, but regardless of what people think on the matter, Noise will be forever here to stay as long as there are listeners who are always looking to go further down the rabbit hole to discover new sounds on the fringe of what people are listening to.

For any of those looking to go down this proverbial rabbit hole, or for those who are down here already, Iron’s newest release, Abyss is Blind, is a more than appropriate place to stop, listen, and learn. Artistically and sonically, there is an abundance of variance here, from the relaxing and ambient to harsh and highly unsettling. Layer upon layer of sounds stack up on and interweave between one another. With every listen, you will discover something new. With every track, the experience is different. All of the bases are covered here in a disorienting collage of noise and sound that deserves to listened to as well as absorbed and pondered upon. It may not be accessible, but for those willing to push their limits, this album is an experience that can be wholly enjoyable.
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-Andrew Oliver

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