Interview: Yoshii Of Neurotic November

Recently I had the chance to talk to Yoshii Rodriguez (Guitar) of Neurotic November, who just signed with Victory Records. I talk to Yoshii about the signing, the showcase in Chicago and much more. NN is a 5 piece Deathcore band out of South FL.


The Interview:


Please introduce yourself and what you do in Neurotic November?

Whats up, my name is Yoshii and I play lead guitar for Neurotic November.


How did you come a part of the band?

Well I had just went through a break up with my past band and I was considering giving up and just staying in college for music business. Then a friend of mine sent me an invite on Facebook stating that Neurotic November was looking for guitarists, and I thought I should give it a try. They were doing more than I was at the time, lol. So, I hit up DD (Vocals) and He wanted me to audition.


How does NN differ to your previous band and what was the name?

Mourning The Wicked, well I don’t want to offend anyone but I am happier here although my old bands had my best and closest friends. In NN I dont feel so pressured and stressed from doing about 80% or so of the work lol.


A lot of people have been stating the “scene” is dead in Fl. What is your take on this?

Well this is a super touchy subject because of sensitive people, but its horrible. I mean we have many amazing musicians, I know some great bands. Its just that most venues are far and no one cares to go. The local shows I have played with previous bands consist of the band members and their girlfriends lol.


What are some great FL bands that you feel don’t get any recognition?

Northern Line, As The World Weeps, Spectrum, if you like old Metalcore then I guess Echoes Of A Nightmare. I think they all get decent recognition but some deserve more.


You guys just recently got picked up by Victory Records, how exactly did that come about?

They were interested in us so they asked us to drive to Chicago for a showcase and they enjoyed us.


Is there any info you can share about the new album?

Hmmm, well its coming out great and since we have Nig and I being new, there’s a difference in the sound. We are stepping it up for sure!


You guys are going to be hitting the road with label mates The Bunny The Bear in July, anything special planned for the tour ( new songs, merch, ect) and how stoked are you guys?

Super stoked, this is gonna be so much fun and they are awesome guys. The rest you gotta come out and see!


What is your top 5 favorite albums and why?

Bullet for my Valentine – “The Poison” : Every song on that album is AMAZING.

Motionless In White – “Creatures” : Each song has something great about it.

The Beatles – “Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band” : Because that album has one of my favorite Beatles song (A Day In The Life) and other great songs that I enjoy alot.

The Beatles – ” Let It Be” : Same reason as the Sgt Peppers album.

Of Mice & Men – “Self titled” : Because that album has great flow (I kind of threw the Of Mice & Men in there because it was hard to pick another)


What are some bands you would love to tour with and why?

Bullet For My Valentine, because they are my favorite metal band. Motionless In White and Bring Me The Horizon, because their crowds are crazy. Also, Of Mice & Men and August Burns Red because they have great messages in their music.


If you could make up your own genre to describe NN, what would it be?

Metalhiphopcore ?? Lol


Out of all the shows you have played, which one stands out above the rest and why?

With my old band I played at Revolution Live and that was great. I always thought that would be my favorite show, but it has to be when I played for Victory at the showcase. The vibe was amazing and I had so much fun with my new family (NN).


In closing is there anything you would like to add for the readers?

I hope they enjoy the new album and my guitar work. I hope they all come to the shows I would love to meet them all and Im sure the rest of the band would as well. Thanks a lot for the interview Tim , thanks to the readers, keep listening to us, check us out. Come to the shows and help our dreams become a reality, it would be greatly appreciated! We love our fans, so thank you guys!


Neurotic November on FB –


Interview By: Tim Morris


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