September 23, 2021

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Interview with Define



One of my favourite things to do in my free time is go on facebook pages that are used to promote your music, band, songs, if you’re playing in a band you probably know what I’m talking about. When I used to play in a band, I always used this way to share our music. I really miss MySpace for this. Anyway, I recently discovered Define.

Define is a six piece Post-Hardcore band from Verona, Italy.
Define started playing in early 2013 and less than one month ago they dropped their new single “Disconnected”.
From the first riff to the last you get caught in their music, thanks also to a really good work of recording (Andrea Moserle) and mix & master (Andreas Magnusson).
Alberto at the drums have a really enjoyable groove, Nicola with his growl totally led the track in a aggressive way (and we like this).
Meanwhile Federico (Synth) and Damiano (bass guitar) follow and harmonize the song. At last but not last they have the majestic guitars (Filippo and Stefano) that have done a simply awesome job.

I had the opportunity to talk more with Damiano about Define, their work and their future.


You guys are together since january 2013, could you talk a little about how everything has started for you?

It all started with me (Dami), Alberto, Fabio (our ex singer) and Stefano in early 2013. We had a great feeling between us, we’re all friends that used to play together in other bands back in the past.
After a few months Define was alive, Filippo and Federico joined the band and we started writing our first songs.
The first EP we recorder in October 2013 at the Fusix Studio in Torino, Italy (Upon This Dawning, Ms. White) should be named “Instants”. I used the word “should” because we wasn’t able to finish it, due to some line-up change.
In fact in July 2014 our singer Fabio had to leave the band, and we found ourself with half recorded EP but without any singer. We released the 3 tracks we had, november 2013 was “Astray”, december of the same year we had a Lyrics Video for “Unloved” and with march 2014 has came “The Worst Of You” feat. Dani from Hopes Die Last. Videoclip for this track was shot from Trilatera, where Dani works, and some scenes has been shot in Roma, Italy.
Last september, Nicola (ex Till the Last Breath) joined the band as the frontman and we started the writing session of the EP.

Even if you’re 2 years old, you’ve already shared the stage with some massive bands like Burning Down Alaska, The End At The Beginning, …  it was great to share the stage with them? Who was the best band to share the stage with?

During 2014-2015 we had a great live-activity in North Italy, sharing the stage with international bands like Sworn In (USA), Kingdom of Giants (USA), Burning Down Alaska (DE); Hopes Die Last (IT) and tons of really great italian bands.

Who would you like to share the stage with?

There are a lot of international bands we’ll like to play with, but we would play with our favourite bands like ERRA, VOLUMES, NORTHLANE, IN HEARTS WAKE, VEIL OF MAYA, AUGUST BURNS RED, CHELSEA GRIN, THE AMITY AFFLICTION and others!

Talk a little about the Italian Metal Scene…

For those who never knew about us, we could say that our Metal Scene is quite active, especially in NoItaly, but we got a solid scene even for South and Central Italy.
We could spend tons of time talking about the word “scene” and how we want that to be, how it should be and how it isn’t. We’d like to have a unique movement were the only target is to help each other no matter what, like I suppose it works in other countries, but sadly most of the time jealousy prevail.


Disconnected it’s an awesome track, would you like to talk about the work of recording, mix and master?
What are you working at? A new album is coming? When it will drop?

Disconnected is the first track of the EP we’re actually writing and it’s gonna be finished soon.
We decided to switch trough a darker and heavier sound, more technical, trying to switch our genre to Tech Metalcore likes Erra, Volumes, BOO, and VOM

We recorded with Andrea Moserle, our dear friend ex Synther in Upon This Dawning.
For Mix and Master, after a thorough research, we worked with Andreas Magnusson (USA, Planet Red Studios, Va)

We’re really excited about the result and we cant wait to finish all our EP.
We do not actually have a date of release, but we are focused on finish it for this summer.

Where would you like to play outside of Italy?

In September 2015 we’ll start the promotion with live concert in Italy and we’re planning to have some European gigs (Germany, Switzerland, UK, …)

You guys are signed to MYO AGENCY…

Our Label is MYO AGENCY, they help us a lot trough promotion collaborating with a lot of Italian webzine and they take care of our stores like Spotify, ITunes, Amazon etc.


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