October 19, 2021

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Interview: Vertigo Child, a bright new solo musician from NY

Last week, I had the pleasure of discovering Vertigo Child off the release of his newest single, “Body On Mind.” I took to it and the rest of his discography in a heartbeat, impressed by the polish and accessibility of each track. The artist is eager to show himself to the world, and what better way to introduce him with an in-depth interview? Learn more about the R&B/Alternative artist here:

New Fury Media: You’ve collaborated with tons of musicians for your singles so far – how have these outside bodies influenced the final product?

Vertigo Child: Honestly, it all really depends on the song. For example, having Jonny Craig on If You Feel Lonely really made the song come together and sound very well rounded. His verse is honestly my favorite of the entire song. Whereas with Saxl Rose (Tony Hancock), his addition of saxophone in the chorus’ and the addition of the solo at the end of the song in Acceptance in Arm’s Reach really brought my vision to life perfectly. So I really think it really depends on the collaborators they influence the final product.

New Fury: Who would you like to work with for future tracks?

Vertigo Child: In terms of producers I would definitely like to work with Seth Henderon, Andrew Baylis, Tyler Smyth, Kid Harpoon, Nate Mercereau and Poo Bear. In terms of other artists/vocalists, Ollie Baxter from Broadside, Spencer Berry from Amarionette, Bri Tolani, Rio Wiley, Early Bird, Jeremy Michael from Nevertel, Joey Varela from VRSTY, Garret Rapp of The Color Morale and lastly Matt Arsenault from A Loss For Words

New Fury: These songs are full of emotion – do these stem from personal experiences?

Vertigo Child: Yes – all the singles that have been released have come from a deep rooted place in my heart. They’ve all been written about something I have gone through recently or have gone through at some point in my life. I try to be very honest and vulnerable when I approach my writing. I want to be the most authentic and real version of myself for my audience by sharing my story and other stories.

New Fury: Who are your biggest inspirations when writing for Vertigo Child?

Vertigo Child: I think it honestly depends on the song itself, they tend to vary. But to list a few I’d say Craig David is one of my biggest inspiration going into a lot of the new stuff being written currently. Earlier this year I found out about him through Josh Manuel (Drummer of Issues) and listened to his very first record Born to Do It and it is a very large influence on the new material stylisitcally and vocally. To name a few more I would say Broadside, Nothing But Thieves and Shawn Mendes. Mendes’ new record Wonder that was released the same day as Body On Mind immediately became a huge inspiration for me and what I would like to concur musically.

New  Fury: There’s a minimalistic aspect to the artwork for each single – what went behind this?

Vertigo Child: Honestly, I don’t think anything really went behind it. The artwork just kind of happened the way that it did. I pitched ideas for each single artwork off to my designer who did all 3. I didn’t have an idea in mind for If You Feel Lonely so that just evolved into what you see today. Acceptance in Arm’s Reach was meant to represent letting go and moving forward from negativity and the toxicity in your life. As for Body On Mind, I had a totally different idea in mind for it but my designer hit me with the idea you see today and I honestly love it. It really makes you think about what I’m trying to convey or tell you through the visual.

New Fury: Who do you want to do shows with when it’s safe again?

Vertigo Child: It would be really cool to share the stage with VRSTY, Nevertel, Rio Wiley, Amarionette, Broadside, a newer band called Not A Toy. I would definitely like to share the stage with my good friends in Fernway, a great alternative rock band from my area for the likes of The 1975. Lastly, I would love to share the stage with my homie Early Bird. Definitely a lot more that I could probably list off but those are the main ones that I can think of right now.

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