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I recently got to chat with one of my favorite Arizona metal bands, (sic)monic. (sic)monic is a modern progressive metal band coming out of Phoenix, Arizona. They are one of those bands that you are proud to represent your town. Whether it’s in their recordings or on the stage, they bring everything they have to their music.

The Interview:

01) Since I first heard you guys, I have always been curious, what is the meaning behind your guys name and how did it become the name of the band?

Sicmonic …the band name was created by our bass player Jason Williams. He does what he calls wordsmithing. He takes modern slang and mixes in root words in various combinations. (Sic) Monic . Our “interpretation of sound”

02) What bands inspire (sic)monic?

Taylor Hession – Canderia, Deftones, VOD, Black Dahlia Murder.
Jason Williams – Pink Floyd, early Metallica, Iron Maiden.
Ryan Gyro – System Of A Down, Sicmonic.
Ray Goodwin – the renowned Guitarist from Sedona, AZ Patrick Ki.
Zack R. Sewell – KISS, Carcass, Malevolent Creation, The Cranberries

03) What do you guys think of the Arizona Metal scene?

Sicmonic is part of a extended famly aka the AZ local music scene. We love being part of such a talented, devoted, supportive group! Which includes the bands/musicians , the fans who come to watch local bands play ( many religiously ), the promoters, the club owners, the sound people n’ light crews, security. All these people are part of the family and we love them! On a side note, I, Zack r. Sewell, have drummed for over 20 local bands and they and their fans have helped to make me the drummer I am today. Very much respect for the local scene.

04) For all of the new fans you guys are gaining, what message do you want them to gain from listening to your music?

The message is be the best you can be. Don’t let anybody put limits on your potential. We always hope our music inspires people. And we hope new people keep discovering and enjoying the Sicmonic sound m/

05) Are there any bands you guys want to give a shout out to?

Anomaly, Dirt Over Lime, Howlitzer, Back From Ashes, Lurid State , Adavant, Souless, 3seconds More, Animus Complex, Virulent, Eroticide, Sativa Strain, Footer, Dic Chronic & The Insecurities, Betrayal Of Allies, Pelvic Meatloaf, just to name a few. Can’t stand the thought leaving important bands out but this list would be pages long!!

06) If you guys could make your dream tour, who would you bring on the road with you?

Mushroomhead,-Tool- Between The Buried And Me- Deftones- of course Cindy Lopper, Lamb Of God, ect ect ect so many great bands we’d love to play with.

As far as local bands to tour with…any one of the local bands we named above.
07) What is on the horizon for (sic)monic?
We are almost finished recording our 3rd album titled “Darcauditure ” another Jason Williams wordsmithed word meaning “The Making of Dark Sound”. It will be the 2nd album released thru our label Aural Music. We are also looking at some national and possible international tours with some huge acts . And as always we fully intend to continue to push the Metal envelope into new territories of madness!!!

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