Interview: Phil Labonte (All That Remains) discusses “Madness”, performs Garth Brooks cover live

It’s no secret that All That Remains are one of the more divisive bands around today. Forming as basically a melodic death metal/metalcore band with their first couple records, the band hit mainstream consciousness with 2006’s landmark The Fall Of Ideals. They then pursued more of a mainstream sound when the single “Two Weeks” was released a couple years after, and given the success of their last 3-4 records, the change in style has clearly worked for them – though certainly not without its detractors.

Regardless, All That Remains have been in the game for 15+ years now. Vocalist Phil Labonte has seen bands he played with growing up fall by the wayside, but somehow ATR keeps going strong. Is it the fanbase they’ve cultivated? Is it a more accessible sound? It might just be both.

We spoke to Phil a few weeks ago after their set at Fort Rock about the band’s new album Madness, how they’ve managed to stay relevant and thrive in today’s musical climate, and Phil in particular honing his craft back in the formative days of the metalcore revolution. Stay tuned for the interview below, and peep a sweet acoustic cover of Garth Brooks, too. Seriously, it works.

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