September 19, 2021

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Interview: Molotov Cocktail Rock N Roll


I had the opportunity to speak to Oliver Riot of the Ohio based Rock band, Molotov Cocktail Rock N Roll (MCRNR). We talk about the origin of the band name, new music, and so much more! I love that these guys are so intent on bringing the purity back to rock and roll and I cannot wait for their new music!  Check out the interview below!

Can you tell me the story behind choosing your band name?

Everybody in the band was tossing around names and none of them sounded good or were already taken. I had thought about naming the first album Molotov Cocktail Rock n Roll.  The reason behind that is I wanted to get back to raw, high energy rock n roll. Music that was simple, but rocked. Molotov cocktails are made of a few simple ingredients, but cause a big bang so made for a good description of the sound we wanted. I threw it out there and everyone agreed it fit perfectly.


Also, can you tell me the story behind your names?

The nicknames are just random stuff we made up at practices joking around. Oliver Riot and Moore Mayhem just describes our music personas on stage. The Proxy Brothers is a running joke about how our rhythm section is built by those around and available. Lenny Proxy our drummer has been with us the whole time, but bass players have come and went so we give them crap.


If you could describe your sound in only 3 words, what would they be?

Damn good time. At least, that is what we shoot for at our shows.


So you guys are planning on going into the studio, can you tell us more about that? 

We have around 18 original songs and in the fall we plan to start recording at 3rd Street Music in Hamilton, OH. We hope to get an EP out soon after that. Our plan is to record one of the songs posted on Facebook now called Whiskey Cocktails. The version posted right now is a live recording from the garage. The song is about being in a shitty place mentally then having a few drinks and going home with someone to forget about it so basically what happens at every bar Friday and Saturday across America. Another song we plan to record is called Miss OC which is a common story around here about someone getting addicted to OxyContin, but done from the perspective of the drug. The last few songs to make up the EP are being decided on now. We plan on having a stripped down sound to the album and for it to be as close to what you would get from us at a live show.


What are some bands you guys are listening to currently? 

Every person in our band listens to different stuff from punk to soul to metal to blues which gives an interesting mixture to our sound. However, if you put the stereo on in the garage right now I’d bet it’s either a Stooges, Dead Boys or Libertines album.


If you could only take one item on tour with you, what would it be?

My music collection got to have music for those long drives.


If you could play anywhere in the world where would it be?

We just want to be touring period.


So what does the future look like for you guys?

Get this EP out soon, keep doing shows and see how it goes from there.


Those are all of our questions for you guys. Thanks for talking to us! Is there anything else you would like to say? 

We’d just like to thank you for the interview and the people who have supported us thus far. You can check us out or and the EP should be out soon so be on the lookout. Also, gotta check out our live show always a good time.


Thank you to the guys of MCRNR for talking to us! Be sure to catch them live if they play near you and be on the lookout for new music!

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