Interview: Madmen of The Grave Slaves




The Graves Slaves are a 4-piece psychobilly/punkabilly band playing out of the blood of Orange County, California. They are the winners of the very first unsigned band poll that we held. Check out the interview below and make sure to check them out on Facebook.

1) Introduce yourselves to the world and what you do in the band:

We are the GRAVE SLAVES!!!!! Jaysin Graves: Man of mystery Vocals and Rhythm Guitarist. Legend has it that he channels the spirit of David Vanian from the Damned and Danzig when he sings. Blood Sweat Brett: Lead Guitarist. He can chop down trees with his bare hands and sweats giants blood when he whales on his spiked guitar. Sideshow: Standup Bass and Shovel Bass: He will surely knock you down with the pounding of his bass. If not, one good hit with the shovel will do the trick! Johnny Nails: Drums. He looks like a tornado when he’s playing his throne of doom.


2) What does The Grave Slaves music mean to you?

Dark Rock n’ Roll to get your bones shakin’.


3) In 3 words, describe the band.

Mysterious, weird and sweaty


4) What bands have influenced The Grave Slaves sound?

We all came from different backgrounds Rock and Roll, Metal, Industrial, country, punk, just to name of few. Dick Dale, T.S.O.L, Johnny Cash, Misfits (The Danzig Era), The Cramps, Demented Are Go, Hank Williams


5) How is the music scene in your part of California? Any bands you want to give a shout out to?

The music scene here in California is a tough one. You really need to grab people’s attention or you will find yourself playing to a sea of people waiting for their drink at the bar. So we try to rock hard till our limbs fall off! We have made a bunch of pals playing around Southern California. Hard Six, The Rhythm Coffin, Sick Six Sex, Sandbox Bullies, Crash Cadillacs and Switchblade 77. We have become a band family in some cases, supporting each other at different shows.


6) Is there anything you guys have planned that you have not announced to the world yet, we can make it exclusive right here?

Word on the streets is that we are planning on doing a mini tour around Arizona, Nevada and Northern California areas at the end of summer.


7) If you could make your dream tour, what bands would you take on the road with you?

In no particular order: Zombie Ghost Train, Nekromantix, Cold Blue Rebels, Wednesday 13, Calabrese, Volbeat, Klingonz, Motor Head, Reverend Horton Heat


8) How does it feel to have won the first unsigned poll that Rise Above The Anchor held knowing that a few of the bands had over 5000 followers?

It’s a great feeling! We owe it to our fans. They came together and really turned the tables in our favor.


9) Anything else you want the world to know about The Grave Slaves?

You can hire Sideshow for kids parties, bar mitzvahs, graduations, family reunions, or any occasion! He’s great!

Buy their current album HERE

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