September 23, 2021

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Internal Organs External release punishing new EP “Apocalyptic Domination”

Internal Organs External is a devastating one-man brutal slamming death metal machine based out of Arizona, fronted by sole member Vince Otero. Internal Organs External recently released a new EP, Apocalyptic Domination, a follow up to the artist’s debut album Into the Depths. The EP, released through Vicious Instinct Records, features notable guests from the slam/brutal death metal community such as Jack Christensen, vocalist of Kraanium, and many more.

Clocking in at 16 minutes, Apocalyptic Domination kicks things off full blast. Opening with the track “Grotesque Monstrosity”, an instant barrage of warlike blastbeats, and grinding slam riffs pummel their way through the listening experience. Copious amounts of squealing and gurgled vocals enhance the sonic devastation you’d come to expect from a slamming brutal death metal record. The two highlight tracks of the EP are “S.S.M” featuring Jack Christensen, and “Cannibalistic Tendencies”. Both tracks are arguably the most groove laden, complimented by extravagant amounts of blastbeats and breakdowns. Listen below as we provide a handy link, but only do so at your own risk!

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