December 9, 2021

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The Inspiring Story of One-Armed Drummer Jack Thomas (Covers Suicide Silence)

Meet Jack Thomas, he’s an 18-year-old self-taught drummer & bassist who tragically lost his arm in a workplace accident on September 4th 2015.


“Music is my life, there’s not a damn thing that will stop me from pursuing my dream & passion”

Just 11 days after losing his arm, he began re-learning how to drum as a one-armed drummer. He began covering simple songs from bands such as Blink-182, but is now covering more advanced tracks from bands such as Suicide Silence (Video Below).

Jack covering Suicide Silence’s track “No Pity For A Coward”


When Jack returned to school in October of 2015, a fundraiser was held for him and Rowland Canada even donated a Rowland TD-30 Electronic drum set to him which is custom-made to accommodate one-armed drummers. Jack continues to cover songs on his YouTube channel and has already played 4 shows to packed crowds since the incident. He also has re-learned bass, which he has been playing for the past 9 years.

In the words of Jack himself “Music is my life, there’s not a damn thing that will stop me from pursuing my dream & passion“. Jack’s statement & his story as a whole is extremely inspiring to myself, being a drummer, photographer & journalist. There are NEVER any excuses to give up and not put in your 110% with everything you do!

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