In totally shocking news, Deftones are an extremely popular choice when it’s sexy time

This probably won’t shock you too much, but people love having sexual relations to Deftones. A lot, actually. Anyone who’s heard even a single Deftones song can likely attest to the reasons why, but for the uninitiated, it’s the band’s blend of dark and light, heavy and melodic, and everything in between that makes their overtones quite sensual. And sexual, too.

This by itself gives you a pretty good barometer of the kind of diverse audience Deftones has, but now there’s a lot more then the evidence that you can find listening to White Pony. In a new study via Ziphealth, Deftones proved the longstanding theory that, in fact, that many people are indeed boinking to “Passenger” or “Beauty School” somewhere.

As ThePRP noted, the study was culled from “the survey results of 1,004 Americans, and an analysis of over 11,267 songs featured on 148 different sex-themed playlists on Spotify.” Also extremely popular? The Weekend and Nine Inch Nails, specifically the 1994 classic “Closer”. Color us not surprised by any of these results.

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