August 9, 2022

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In The Spotlight: Tides Of Man create post-rock excellence on “Every Nothing”

Tampa instrumental rock band Tides Of Man have had quite the journey to get where they currently are now. Their new record Every Nothing, the band’s second record without any vocals at all, manages to convey a sense of epic and emotion that doesn’t need words to succeed.

Expanding on what made 2014’s Young and Courageous such a special record, Tides Of Man really manage to spread their wings on Every Nothing. The album gets off to a very strong start with highlight tracks in “Static Hymn” and “Mercury Fields”, the former of which gives off distinct Caspian vibes, especially in the song’s second half. The piano-laden “Far Off” is also a fantastic track, mostly thanks to its bare simplicity. It’s one of the many songs on Every Nothing that really echoes into the listener’s mind.

As the record soldiers on, Tides Of Man manage to become even more of an impressive entity. Tracks like “Death Is No Dread Enemy” swell with the kind of emotion – but not overindulgence – that one is likely to enjoy from this genre of music. You really get the feeling that the 4 year wait Tides Of Man forced us to endure was completely worth it. One of the better instrumental rock records released in recent years, the band now joins Caspian and This Will Destroy You as one of the most captivating bands of an entire genre. Each track serves a purpose, and Every Nothing might just be the band’s most impressive work yet. Given where the band started from, Tides Of Man are a band to be praised.

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