September 23, 2023

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If Not For Me lay failed relationships to rest with new single, “Bury Me”

Over the last few years, Pennsylvania’s progressive metalcore band If Not For Me have gained some solid traction in their local scene and beyond. With just a handful of singles and an EP under their collective belts, they’ve managed to pull in hundreds of thousands of streams – impressive for a young band in a crowded genre. Luckily, the music itself is pretty compelling as well. While certainly falling under the metalcore category, If Not For Me do just enough to differentiate themselves, with solid musicianship and interesting lyrics that will draw you in.

We’re stoked to bring you the band’s newest single, “Bury Me”, a day early. At its core, it’s about the end of a relationship – whether a romantic one, a friendship, or something else. Give it a spin below.

About the new song, vocalist Patrick Glover had this to say:

“Bury Me is about the inevitable end of a relationship in betrayal, whether it be a romantic relationship, biological relationship, platonic friendship, etc. Naturally when something special to us comes to an end, we latch onto things, like memories and triggers that spark little reminders of what once was in our brains. Bury Me isn’t written so much with the intention of a literal funeral, but more so a metaphor for attempting to lay that failed relationship to rest where it belongs.”

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