May 25, 2024

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If Bands Were High School Students


Here’s some late night action for you – someone in the Defend Pop Punk Forum on Facebook recently posted something interesting. It revolves around what certain bands would be like if they were high school students. Do you think these are accurate, or totally off? Regardless, it’s entertaining. Check out the full list after the jump – and be sure to add your own if you feel creative!

And since we’re all about supporting music, I’ll take this opportunity to suggest everyone listen to NY pop-punk band Firestarter. You can find their Bandcamp page here – be sure to purchase their music if you’re feeling it!

Check out the original post here

If Bands were highschool students

• Handguns-The kid that’s still upset over his ex
• Motion City Soundtrack-The crazy kid in the corner who’s terrifying, but is extremely smart
• Crime In Stereo-The kid who everybody silently looks up to, but never gives credit to
• The Story So Far-The kid who’s angry over his ex. Still.
• The Wonder Years-That sad quiet kid who actually has a lot to say when you talk to him.
• Four Year Strong-That big bearded dude that people are scared of, but is actually really laid back and funny.
• Gallows—That angry fucking British kid.
• August Burns Red-The really religious body builder.
• Defeater-The history buff.
• Such Gold-The kid who constantly gets compared to TSSF, but is actually nothing like him.
• Real Friends-The kid who’s really funny and fun to be around, but is actually really sad.
• Mixtapes-Sad but getting better.
• Man Overboard-The pothead who has girl troubles.
• A Day To Remember-The kid who’s overly proud of his school, but also hates it.
• Fireworks-The not so secretly gay kid who’s really fun to be around.
• Aquabats-That really weird kid that you actually kinda wanna hangout with for some reason.
• Reel Big Fish-The funny kid who was held back like three times.
• The Swellers-The kid who you can only really hangout with for short periods of time.
• Title Fight-Grungey kid stuck in the 90’s.
• Set Your Goals-I just wanna chill with my friends, man.
• Polar Bear Club-The kinda sad kid who listens to too much Bad Religion.
• Firestarter-The new kid.
• The Front Bottoms-That kid that talks about his friends and swimming a lot.
• Say Anything-That one married Jewish kid.
• Stick To Your Guns-The stubborn kid who promotes kindness.
• Daylight/Superheaven-That one douchebag that needs to cut his fucking hair.
• Every Time I Die-The kid who constantly throws parties.
• Forever Came Calling-The kid who found his first love.
• Modern Baseball-The kid who’s kinda sad, but kinda not.
• Balance And Composure-“You’re a bitch and here’s some poetry explaining how.”
• Have Heart-Intellectaul, straight edge, anti-violence kid.
• Knuckle Puck-Real Friends’ little brother who everybody secretly likes more.
• La Dispute-The intellectual kid who likes to write stories.
• transit – the kid who is always drunk and wierd sometimes and loves Boston

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