idle threat confides that “Nothing is Broken For Good” in new EP (review)

idle threat, whom I’ve only heard of up to this point, are set to release their first bit of new music for the first time in four years. The new EP, Nothing is Broken For Good, is “about temporal pain and suffering and the endurance that it takes to remain hopeful that it will come to pass,” says the band. The persistence through struggle is prime subject matter and is sure to make for an evocative listen. Let’s take a look at the new EP:

Opting for a slow, graceful intro, “Nothing Lasts Forever” ignites the spark to the EP with a brief meet-and-greet with the sad essence that idle threat entail. With a smooth transition into single “Empty House,” the band settles into a lulling verse/chorus before unclean vocals come to catch the listener off-guard. I certainly wasn’t expecting them, but it added a strong layer of emotion to the blend, drizzled atop well-realized instrumentals with a raw snare tone and guitar harmony.

“Restore / Repair” wholly tacks on the differing heavy vocals with the somber, fleeting guitars. This is a great continuation of the tone of the previous track, showing consistency without treading the same ground. “Throwing Stones” is my highlight track, as all the moving pieces of idle threat come together superbly. With an amped-up bass in the bridge, a climactic payoff riff rewards the listener for making it through this depressive piece.

“Cement,” the second single, has a supremely-catchy chorus thanks to harmonic vocals and sorrowful lyricism. The interluding section ties the track together nicely, making its 5-minute length worth each and every second. We close out with “Ungrateful (Nothing is Broken For Good)” and the long song length is just as successful here. A standout moment on the record lies within the bridge that makes a mental stand with the words “I don’t wanna die ungrateful.” and what is most provoking is the closing reprise, which makes the start-end decision worth some praise.

This is quite the return for idle threat, who fit into the depressive post-hardcore niche that I crave so succinctly. Nothing is Broken For Good is a fruitful listen that will connect with anyone in the midst of a struggle, with the clear-cut message that healing is always possible and bad times make way for good. Tooth & Nail’s best-kept secret might just be idle threat, with Nothing is Broken For Good a diamond in the rough.

Rating: 9/10

A press copy of Nothing is Broken For Good was provided courtesy of Atom Splitter.


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