Iconic Canadian pop-punk band Sum 41 will disband following a final album and tour

After 26 years of recording music together and cementing themselves as one of pop-punk’s most unique (and successful) bands, Canada’s Sum 41 have announced they’re breaking up. Before that, though, they’ll be releasing a double album (Heaven + Hell), as well as embarking on a final worldwide tour.

Sum 41 came to prominence in the early part of the new millennium with 2001’s All Killer No Filler, which featured the hit singles “Fat Lip” and “In Too Deep”. The band’s brand of pop-punk also added in some slight thrash and metal influences, both name dropped in the lyrics as well as the actual music itself. Sum 41 differentiated themselves from most bands in that wave of pop-punk with the aforementioned different influences, as well as an energy that was also fairly unique to the band. Subsequent albums like 2002’s Does This Look Infected? and 2004’s Chuck rounded out a trio of fan favorite albums that cemented their early success, even as some of their peers branched off in different directions.

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