December 7, 2023

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I, The Breather reunite, return with a new song, “Prey”

Baltimore, Maryland metalcore band I, The Breather has made their return after a five year hiatus and they are better than ever. The group disbanded in 2015 following the release of Life Reaper, their third full-length album on Sumerian Records. Forming in 2009, the group quickly found their footing and signed to Sumerian Records the following year. The group has had a solid string of releases throughout their career. With little to no warning, I, The Breather made an announcement on their Facebook, and not long after the band released their brand new song “Prey“. The band also announced their new guitarist Logan Young (Reflections, Dal AV) to their line-up.

I, The Breather‘s new song “Prey” is a callback to their sound that defined them for the 5 years carving their names into the scene with their crushing energy. The song is I, The Breather shining in a much brighter light. The guitar tone immediately sticks out as a lower and deeper tone compared to previous material. However, it appears the band is going only by the name Breather as of now.

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