February 27, 2024

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I See Stars have finished recording a new album, produced by David Bendeth

Back in February, it surfaced that electronicore band I See Stars were working on a new album. Though it was never officially announced by the band, it was revealed that I See Stars were indeed working on a new record. While there’s no set release for it just yet, it appears likely to see a release this year – and now we have a timeline narrowed down, to an extent.

Now, according to Nick Scott’s Instagram – and perceptive Twitter users – the band’s new album is done being recorded. Notably, Luke Holland (who also drummed on Treehouse) will be behind the kit, and production is being handled by David Bendeth.

It’s safe to say much of the music community is excited, and why not? The band have only gotten better with age, and while it’s been five years since the band released Treehouse, they’re a pretty popular and successful act. Watch this space.

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