Hundredth livestream is an effervescent “Somewhere Nowhere” performance (review)

Hundredth has premiered the livestream of their 2020 album Somewhere Nowhere in full via Moment House. We tagged along during its live debut last night, and are here to share the details while it’s still available to view this weekend.

Filmed/Edited by Jeffrey Jensen, Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Sam Pura, and performed in their hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, Hundredth performed every track off of Somewhere Nowhere with a full band. There were plenty of keyboards, pedals, effects, and more utilized to craft a similar atmosphere to the highly-electronic studio sound.

Of utmost importance is the fact that from start to finish, the stream was flawless. Not a single buffer, and the quality never dipped below 1080p. In addition, the audio quality was crisp and to the point where the chat chimed in that it was more preferable than the original album’s output. Moment House is the platform to beat for livestreams.

Speaking of the chat, it was lively and engaged from start to finish. Several laughs were had as Chadwick and other members of Hundredth actively joked around, added some behind-the-scenes deets, and replied to just about every question/remark thrown their way.

As for the band’s performance, it’s an eclectic, whole-hearted effort that shines through. It had me singing along from chorus to chorus, recalling the fun I’ve had with the record since its almost-year long tenure in my rotation.

And, it wouldn’t be something related to newer Hundredth if froggos weren’t involved. Yes, the stream starts out with some high-def amphibians gracing the screen, a staple of Somewhere Nowhere‘s rollout and an animal synonymous with the band at this point.

It felt great to immerse myself in this performance – the thumping in my haptic headphones made me feel like I was right there with Hundredth, and I sure hope I can be there the next time the group rolls through my town.

Somewhere Nowhere‘s livestream is available for the next ~48 hours as of writing – even casual Hundredth fans won’t want to miss this rendition of the stellar record. Experience it here!

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