February 21, 2024

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How to Install Lorex Cloud on PC

If you want to keep an eye on someone or a place, Lorex Cloud is an app that helps you keep an eye on your home or office through security cameras. It lets you view live video feeds and playback recordings and manage your cameras remotely from your phone. The app securely stores your camera footage in the cloud, making it accessible whenever needed. It’s like having your security guard for your place right in your pocket!

Live viewing of camera feeds

Live viewing lets you watch what’s happening through your security cameras. You can see what’s going on at your home or office instantly. All you need to do is open the app, select your camera, and voila! You’ll view the live video feed right on your phone. It’s like having a window to peek at your place whenever you want, even when you’re away!

Remote playback of recordings

Remote playback lets you watch recorded videos from your cameras on your phone. Like checking yesterday’s footage, you can see what happened when you weren’t looking. Use it by selecting the date and time of the recording you want to view. That way, you can keep tabs on what’s happening around your place even when you’re not there!

Camera management from mobile devices

Camera management means controlling your cameras using your phone. You can adjust settings from your mobile, like angles or recording modes. Best way? Use it to check camera positions for better views!

Cloud storage for camera footage

Cloud storage for camera footage means your camera recordings are saved online, not just on your device. It’s like having a backup of all your videos in a secure internet space. So, if something happens to your camera or device, you won’t lose the footage. You can access and watch your recordings anytime, anywhere, ensuring your home or office is always under a watchful eye, even if you’re far away.

Motion-triggered event notifications

Motion-triggered event notifications alert you when something moves in front of your camera. Imagine getting a message on your phone when your pet starts playing or if someone comes near your front door. It’s like a helpful ping that tells you when there’s action in front of your camera so you can immediately check it out.

How to run Lorex Cloud on Windows

Are you eager to install Lorex Cloud for PC? Bluestacks, an emulator, works seamlessly to run this security app on your computer. Download the emulator from their official website for a safe and smooth setup. Once installed, here’s how to make the most of Lorex Cloud:

All you need is to get the Lorex Cloud app or APK file. Now, open Bluestacks and ensure the window size is good to go. Drag the Lorex Cloud file into Bluestacks emulator window, followed by double-clicking to launch and monitor your security setup! Keep an eye on your space hassle-free on a larger screen!

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