November 28, 2021

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How To Get The Top Sound Quality You Can Get At Home: A Guide

Do you often feel like you are not getting the best audio output from your speakers? Are you looking for ways to improve the sound quality in your room? Quite often, it’s not the speakers that are falling short of expectations, rather it’s the amount of noise in the background that overpowers the audio from the speakers. To help you get the best output from your sound systems, we’ve listed some effective tips that’ll help you get the top sound you can get at home.

Position The Sound System

The constant noise of vehicles, horns, and people can decrease the audio output of your devices. The first thing you need to do to get the best out of your sound systems is to select the part of your home that is the least prone to outside chatter. After selecting an appropriate location, place the sound systems in a way that they are not surrounded by materials that reflect sounds. Keeping your sound systems close to walls and windows can lessen the audio output. With most speakers, you’ll find instructions on how far away from walls you must place them. The sound systems will work best when they are placed in a symmetrical acoustic setting. In addition to this, placing the sound systems on a stand or shelf at an equal distance can help improve the sound quality of the speakers.

Soundproof Your Room

You may find the idea of soundproofing your entire room to be overboard or difficult. However, it is not as complex as it sounds. All you need to do is pull down the curtains and seal any gaps in the doors and windows. The general idea is to reduce the number of reflective surfaces in your room. In addition to this, you’ll need to have more things that help you scatter the audio. You can learn more about audio equipment from Stereo Authority; you can visit their website to do so in a fun and enjoyable way. Moreover, if there are too many reflective surfaces in your room, the audio frequency will bounce from one to the other and disrupt the clarity. With that being said, it’s all right if most of your walls are reflective. The only surface that matters is the one placed right in front of the sound system.

Find the Perfect Spot

Finding the top sound from your monitors is like a quest to find the perfect spot to sit in your room. It is generally advised not to sit where there’s a wall behind you. The speakers should be positioned at least two meters apart. Their height should match the height of your head. You should sit at an equal distance from both speakers. You should be sitting in a position where you will make a triangle with the two speakers. The fronts of the speakers should be pointed directly at the back of your head close to your ears. You should feel like the sound is playing right behind you. If you feel like the sound is misplaced, you can experiment by moving backward and forward to find the perfect spot.

Use Absorbers and Diffusers
If you have a lot of reflective surfaces in your room, you can make use of absorbers that can help you manage the sound frequencies of high and mid ranges. To decrease the reflectiveness of your walls, you can benefit from absorption panels that can easily be placed on the walls. The absorption panels are made of a soft foam-like material that can effectively reduce the sound clutter and absorb the sound reflections. Once you have managed the mid and high-range frequencies, you can take care of the low-range frequencies by using bass traps that can be placed in a corner of your room to absorb the low-level frequencies. If you still find frequencies being reflected towards you, you can make use of a diffuser to scatter the frequencies away. You will need to position the diffuser at a spot where the frequency is most likely to reflect. Diffusers are made of a material harder than that of the absorbers. Unlike absorbers, diffusers are designed to reflect the frequencies away from you.

To get the top sound you can get at home, you will need to be very careful where you position your sound system. The quality of the sound depends on the types of surfaces present in your room. If your room has too many reflective surfaces, you might need to soundproof your room. In addition to this, your positioning also plays a key role in getting the best sound output. Follow the tips above and you are guaranteed an exquisite sound experience.

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