Hidden Gems From The Midwest You Need To Be Listening To

While many think the midwest is just full of yeehaw and corn, there’s many hidden gem bands from various genres scattered all throughout the midwest. For the hometown hating pop punk lovers, to the wall of death loving hardcore fans.


Archers (Madison, WI) Metalcore

Archers newest body of work intertwines traditional metal core with electronic pop vibes along the lines of Dayseeker. Archers showcases a range of vocals, from immaculate cleans to the perfect screams that balance perfectly with the tones of the instrumental. Archers took off after their cover of “The Hills” originally by The Weeknd racked in almost two million streams on Spotify alone.

The Day After (Indianapolis, IN) Pop Punk

The Day After floats between pop punk and punk rock, seamlessly blending the genres together. They’re everything you’d want from pop punk, the raw vocals mixed with catchy instrumentals that even showcase some heavy elements.

Divide The Fall (Minneapolis, MN) Heavy Rock/Metal

Divide The Fall are captivatingly catchy. Every song is simply a bop, with the power to take over rock radios in their future. The chorus’ and guitar leads will be something you can’t get out of your head.

Careful Gaze (Minneapolis, MN) Heavy Indie

Careful Gaze is your go to band when you want a song to really hit you in the heart. Gabe Reasoner’s vocals are packed with gut wrenching emotion that’s accommodated by heavy indie instrumentals that flow perfectly with the story being told.

American Slang (Chicago, IL) Post Hardcore

Fans of Every Time I Die will love American Slang. They’re high energy, the music bounces around and keeps you on your feet. Traditional metalcore verses blend with chorus that display indie punk vibes along the lines of La Dispute.

Lotus Kid (Pittsburgh, PA) Pop Rock

Lotus Kid brings forth a sound reminiscent of the garage rock era while also intriguing new ears through poppy choruses and emotional lyricism. Known for their chaotic live performances and lovable midwestern boy charm, this quartet is destined to be your next favorite pop rock band.

Wolfi (Indianapolis, IN) Alt Pop

Wolfi perfectly blends alternative style vocals with electronic pop feeling instrumentals. With influence stemming from artists like blackbear, wolfs music is upbeat and will be stuck in your head for days.

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