October 27, 2021

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Hawthorne Heights release emotionally heavy new single “Thunder In Our Hearts”

Hawthorne Heights have released another new track from their upcoming album “The Rain Just Follows Me”. “Thunder In Our Hearts” carries all the elements that older HH fans love with great guitar work, catchy melodies, and some heavy moments mixed into it. The single continues the bands trend of releasing hit after hit making this new album one of fans most anticipated releases this year. Check the single out below.




JT Woodruff shares, “During the ‘Rain Sessions’ I developed panic attacks that kept me up until 4am every night, and I just couldn’t shake them. So most nights, I was laying in the bed shaking til 4am, then waking up at 7am to get ready for the recording session. Every night, my heart felt like it was going to explode, and there were moments that truly scared me. During one of my shakedowns, I wrote these lyrics about how the darkness that I feel always happens between the nightmare and the dream, and it just seemed to hit right. It all started to make sense. I needed to be home. I wanted to be home. But I just couldn’t get there.”
“The most unbelievable part of this story is that this entire album was written and recorded BEFORE the pandemic,” singer JT Woodruff shares. “All of this darkness and turmoil is basically a summation of the coldest and loneliest nights I’ve tried to reconcile for the past 17 years.”
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