May 25, 2024

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Hard rock band Shadows of Doubt release their debut EP “Darkened Glow”

Shadows of Doubt is a newcomer to the metal scene hailing from Flint, Michigan. The Michigan-based group has just released their debut EP “Darkened Glow” to the world. Shadows of Doubt is a group of friends who love making music together. Combining all of their passions into one name. Let’s dive into the EP, shall we? Darkened Glow is a seven track EP that highlights Shadows of Doubt’s vision. The band will strike a chord with any fans of earlier death metal, and even some hardcore. One of my favorite tracks from the EP is “Dead and Gone”, this song captures some of my favorite moments from Shadows of Doubt’s entry piece. There are some quality of life improvements that could be taken for future releases that could help the band reach more ears, and the main one is the mixing. The mixing pay homage to the original styling and taste to death metal, but could be improved on for future releases. Shadows of Doubt shines with their songwriting and the right mix will make that shine even brighter. These newcomers have a heart of gold, and passion to match.

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