Half Heard Voices vocalist Alex Conner teams up with guitar wizard Anthony Tardino on new song, “Journey’s End”

Anthony Tardino is one talented guy, to be sure. Only emerging just last year with his solo project, he’s a highly gifted guitarist who works with frequent guest vocalists in the music scene. With influences that span from metalcore to progressive metal to even djent-influenced guitar work, Tardino is a name to watch in the scene right now.

On his newest song “Journey’s End”, Tardino is joined by Alex Conner, the vocalist of progressive metal band Half Heard Voices. The combination makes for a compelling listen, as does the song’s Norse Mythology angle. Give it a spin below.

About the new song, Tardino had this to say:

“Journey’s End is heavily inspired by the metalcore bands of my teenage years like August Burns Red, Oh Sleeper, and also the album Odyssey to the West by Slice the Cake. I was trying to combine the styles with my own flavor of guitar playing. Then I had the idea of incorporating a Norse mythology theme after doing a deep dive on the internet as we do lol. Then the idea of asking Alex Conner of Half Heard Voices got in my mind and I wasn’t going to have it any other way after that point. Those guys are awesome, by the way, check them out for sure. Alex was super-down for the Norse mythology angle and came back to me with the awesome story and performance that became the song. His style is similar to mine: densely packing every possible corner of the song with as much ear-candies as we can. So it was a lot of fun putting this song together with him.”

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