November 30, 2023

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H2O “Ultraviolent Kingdom 6” (2022) (Wrestling Review)


Ultraviolent Kingdom 6 

Williamstown, New Jersey

March 26th, 2022



Ultraviolent Kingdom 6 First Round Three Way Triple Crown Death Match
Chuck Payne vs. Alex Stretch vs. Anthraxx

An okay opening match that just never hit its stride. It felt like it moved slowly and had a lot of filler. A few decent spots but no one did much to impress here and it never seemed to pick up a steady pace. 

2 / 5

Ultraviolent Kingdom 6 First Round Death Down Aisle 5 Death Match
Jimmy Lyon vs. Marc Angel

This was a fun brawl type hardcore match. Some good spots with a shopping cart and both men bled pretty well. Moved along pretty quickly and didn’t waste any time here which was good. 

2.5 / 5

Ultraviolent Kingdom 6 First Round Taipei And Stairway To Staple Gun Death Match
Ron Mathis (w/Bruce Grey & Tyler Voxx) vs. Dale Patricks

What a boring train wreck of a match. Nothing here meshed well and the stipulation ended up being awful and didn’t add anything to the match. Dale has done so much better before so seeing this was a let down. 

1 / 5

Ultraviolent Kingdom 6 First Round Pallets And Pits Of Fucking Pain Death Match
Bam Sullivan vs. Chris Bradley

Another match that just had no chemistry going. Some good spots on tacks and barbed wire but other than that the match moved at such a slow pace and just never connected. 

1 / 5

Ultraviolent Kingdom 6 First Round Shit Storm Death Match
Drew Blood vs. Neil Diamond Cutter

For an NDC to drag says something bad about a match. It had some fun spots but just never flowed which has been the issue tonight. 

1.5 / 5

Ultraviolent Kingdom 6 First Round Fans Bring The Weapons Death Match
Mickie Knuckles vs. Louie Ramos

A brawl for the ages as Louie and Mickie had never fought one on one. A lot of hard hits and blood loss here as both went back and forth giving it their all in a match they’ve both wanted. It moved along at a good pace and the crowd was really into it for this one. 

3 / 5

Ultraviolent Kingdom 6 Semi Final Cylinder Iowa Vacationland Three Way Death Match
Mickie Knuckles vs. Dale Patricks vs. Chris Bradley

While it had some decent spots this match was all over the place. Pacing was off and it just never really meshed well. Mickie was clearly over the most with fan support so her moving forward was a smart choice. 

1.5 / 5

Ultraviolent Kingdom 6 Semi Final Pick Your Poisons Death Match
Neil Diamond Cutter vs. Jimmy Lyon

This one really picked up in the second half. NDC continues to be one of the best deathmatch US guys and it shows here. Chondo looked good here and bled a much. Both men took some hard looking spots as well. 

3 / 5

Ultraviolent Kingdom 6 Final House Of Horrors Steel Cage Three Way Elimination Death Match
Mickie Knuckles vs. Jimmy Lyon vs. Chuck Payne

I get after several deathmatches in a night you’re exhausted but this was just a bad main event. There was at times a lot happening or being set up but it always seemed to move in slow motion and like the plan was never really set up. Spots that happened weren’t great and the set up time for the match didn’t help either nor did the match run time. 

1.5 / 5

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