April 15, 2024

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Green Bay turns into Avatar Country for a Saturday night of metal (Show Review)

By Mariah Berg


The Dance Devil Dance tour featuring Avatar, Veil of Maya and Orbit Culture is making its way across the United States and selling out just about every show along the way! There really is no better way to spend a Saturday night than seeing a performance by Avatar. Fans in Green Bay, WI PACKED into the Epic Event Center and things got sweaty, things got loud and things got freaky!! Fans also got a double dose of greatness when Lou Brutus took the stage to announce each band! This Saturday night, Green Bay became the capital of Avatar country!


Opening up this incredible night of music was a four piece band hailing all the way from Sweden, called Orbit Culture. It was so spectacular to see how many people showed up early to see Orbit Culture perform. I’m sure many were thankful they did because wow Orbit Culture put on such a great show! It is always fantastic to see a band open up the show and get to play to a packed house! Orbit Culture performed a seven song setlist and left fans wanting more, seven songs just isn’t enough when it comes to a killer band like Orbit Culture!


Next to shake the stage, Veil of Maya! The lights went dark as fans anxiously awaited for Veil of Maya to take the stage. As soon as Veil of Maya’s song “Viscera” kicked in, fans went wild! The mosh pit was circling, heads were hanging and fans were screaming lyrics back at vocalist Lukas Magyar. Veil of Maya very recently released a new album titled “M(other)” and fans were lucky enough to hear a few tracks off the new album like “Godhead” “Red Fur” and more! For a band that has been around for nearly two decades, there is so much music to choose from and a dozen song setlist left Veil of Maya fans wanting more!


Last but most definitely not least, having traveled all the way from Sweden, Avatar! Where do I even begin? Avatar is the type of band that once you think they can’t possibly get any better, somehow they get better. Avatar is also the type of band who you can go see live without knowing a single song, and you will still have an amazing time. Avatar always takes the stage in the most fashionable way. This time, each member stood behind a curtain and when those curtains opened, it was go time. The pyro went off and heads were banging.

Avatar is touring for their most recently released album so it only made sense they open their show with the title track off that album. Now there is something special to be noted about this show in Green Bay. Not only was it a sold out show, but this was Avatar’s largest sold out show in North America to date! How cool is that?! Avatar is well known for their freak show. Vocalist Johannes gave Green Bay a taste of that as he made his way up to the balcony freakishly fast to make a balloon animal! Johannes then continued into playing the trombone for their song “Puppet Show”. Avatar’s show brings so much power between the streamers, the pyro and the fog machines, they even managed to trip the smoke detectors in the venue as they began their song “Scream Until You Wake” and suddenly the whole crowd lit up, it was quite the shock!

I think Avatar will always be one of the most phenomenal bands to see live, not many performances top theirs. It is always so exciting to see what they do next! This time, vocalist Johannes surprised the crowd as he hopped on a piano to do a solo performance for their song “Tower” and it was beautiful. Fans sang it along with him as some teared up and had chills on their arms. Avatar is never a band that will let you down on a live performance, even if you know just one song, or even no songs, you are bound to have an incredible experience. Avatar only has a few more shows left of the Dance Devil Dance show and I hope you grabbed your tickets because they are selling out shows left and right!


Photo Gallery : Avatar – Epic Event Center (05.13.2023)


Photo Gallery : Veil Of Maya – Epic Event Center (05.13.2023)


Photo Gallery : Orbit Culture – Epic Event Center (05.13.2023)

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